Why do artists websites always have biographies written in the third person? Why do they have biographies at all?

I make mostly pictures and sounds in a variety of mediums. By day I work in graphic design and help businesses look good. I studied design and some how painted myself into a corner from there.
I am constantly active in photography, music and painting related activities, whether it be personal or professional. I'm not sure why.
I mostly paint, and for years did it using everything I had access to. Since September 2022 I mostly use oil paint. I'm not sure why.
My work strives to create a perfect balance between abstract and structure, antiquated and contemporary, good and bad, plus many other contrasting ideologies.
If you want to buy or ask anything you can use the contact page here

Recent Exhibitions:
2021 | NI Climate Festival
2020 | Extensive self isolation, Global
2019 | The Sunflower, Belfast 
2018 | Eastside Gallery, Belfast [STRAYS  group show]

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